How to Battle the Breeze at Lonsdale Links

Posted on: 27 March

As well known, on the rare occasion the wind can pick up at Lonsdale Links

Here are a few tips to help you conquer those blustery conditions and ensure you’re giving yourself the greatest chance to play your best.

1. “When its breezy, swing it easy!”

Just as the quote states, swinging it easy in the wind will allow you to have more control over the golf ball. How is this so? Swinging the club easy, or slower, in windy conditions will bring down the spin rate on the golf ball meaning it wont fly as high or cause as much side spin. This will result in the golf ball flying straighter and not be buffered around in the wind, opposed to a shot hit with full power and height.


2. Know when to club up, or down

When playing in the wind, it is important to ensure you decipher the direction of the wind before playing your shot. Knowing whether the wind will help or hinder the shot you are about to play will allow you to know whether you need less or more club. It’s also important to remember that playing a shot straight down wind will result in the ball travelling lower, as well as having less spin. Playing a shot straight into the wind however, will mean the ball will travel higher and with more spin.

3. Crosswind Shots

Playing crosswind shots are a slightly different beast compared to those shots either straight down, or into wind. Playing a shot in crosswinds can be done a couple of different ways. The first way this shot can be played is trying to hold the shot up against the wind. For example, playing a draw or fade against the wind. Playing the shot this way can be slightly more difficult but will allow for a straighter ball flight. The second way to play crosswind shots is to ride the wind. This means that you aim the ball further right or left (depending on direction) and allow the ball to ride the wind back to the target.

So, next time you’re playing in the wind at Lonsdale Links (likely very soon), put these tips into practice and improve your round! Or, if you’d like some extra help, book a lesson with one of our PGA Professionals.

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