Beginner Golf Lessons

Looking to start learning golf but don’t know where to start? Our PGA Pros are on hand to provide informative, welcoming, and inciteful lessons, especially suited to beginners. You can expect your beginner golf lesson to;

  • Cover the fundamental rules of golf
  • Help you get to know your equipment and what works best for you and your style
  • Set you up with proper technique from the get-go (and avoid bad habits)
  • Understand course etiquette so you can feel confident playing 9 or 18 holes with friends and family
  • Make new golfing friends, because that’s what playing golf is all about

Whether you’re from Geelong, the Bellarine or even travelling from Melbourne, our beginner golf lessons will have you gaining confidence and learning a new skill in no time. All that’s left to do is book.



How to start learning golf

The best way to start learning golf is to invest in a beginner golf lesson. Trust us, learning from a friend or family member will not only end up in an argument, but it often sets you up with bad habits that you’ll struggle to unlearn.

Our PGA Professionals undergo years of training, specifically to learn a variety of teaching techniques that will suit all types of learner golfers.

They also understand the best practice areas to utilise to develop well-rounded skill sets amongst beginners. You won’t just be told to hit ball after ball on a driving range, instead, you’ll practice putting, bunkers, chipping, and more, to make sure you’re confident the first time you set out to play 9 or 18 holes.

Investing in beginner lessons will guarantee a sped-up learning curve so you can get better, faster.


How much do golf lessons cost

Golf lessons are an affordable way to quickly improve your skills and gain confidence out on the golf course. They start from just $25 if you join a group clinic and work up to $70 for a 30-minute for private lessons.

Another option is to also look at a beginner golf membership. Not only does it offer regular complimentary golf clinics to improve skills, but it’s also designed to guide you through the intricacies of joining a golf club from etiquette to learning local rules.

Our own 8-month beginner membership is a cost-effective way to engage in regular group clinics and private golf lessons whilst giving new members the opportunity to meet like-minded people at the same beginner skill level.

Because golf is not just about the game but also the community you get to be a part of.


Beginner golf lessons Geelong and the Bellarine

If you’re looking for the best beginner golf lessons in Geelong or the Bellarine, we have just what you need here at Lonsdale Links. Visiting from Melbourne? You’ll love the extra space and fewer crowds while taking on beginner golf lessons with us.

To book, just click the button below. If you have any questions, email our Director of Golf and PGA Professional, Matt Rogers via