Practice Facilities

Our practice range, short game area and two practice putting greens are now open!

Tokens for the range ball machine can be purchased from the Golf Shop. Operating hours for The Range are:

7:00am – 6:00pm

Necessary maintenance of the practice range will occur on Monday and Friday mornings. The practice range will open at 9:30am on these mornings.

The Range will be closed when Mulligans is open. Please see Mulligans page for opening times.

Limited flight range balls have been purchased to assist us with any boundary issues we may encounter. We are also trialing for users of the driving range to limit themselves to hitting clubs that make the ball travel 200 metres or less. If we do have instances of Members or public users of the range not obeying this rule, this may lead to us restricting the range to the hitting of irons only in order to avoid boundary issues.

Bulk bucket cards have been ordered for the Golf Shop however are yet to arrive. These cards will be for 10 buckets for the price of 9. Bucket pricing is as follows:

Playing Members Visitors & Social Members
25 Balls $3 $5
50 Balls $6 $8
100 Balls $10 $14


Please help us maintain the practice range by sanding your divots after use.

Please note that the practice range is strictly limited to the purchase of range balls from the Golf Shop only. No “BYO” golf balls allowed.