Beginner Golf Lessons: Benefits & What To Expect

Posted on: 29 December

So you want to start playing golf and are wondering if there are any benefits to beginner golf lessons?

We are the first to admit, the allure of golf is undeniable. Spending your days strolling in the sun on picturesque fairways while sending a crisp white ball soaring toward the green, it doesn’t get better. But before you get to that point, picking up a club as a beginner is daunting. That’s where beginner golf lessons come in.

From mastering the fundamentals and understanding the game’s nuances and rules, to uncovering your hidden potential and meeting like-minded people, the benefits of beginner golf lessons heavily outweigh jumping into the sport blind.

With that being said, let’s jump into all the benefits of beginner golf lessons and what to expect when you first pick up the clubs.


1. Master the fundamentals

Learning on your own can or from a friend can lead to bad habits that a hard to shake. Our PGA-qualified instructors break down the game into easy-to-understand steps, building a solid foundation of proper grip, stance, and swing technique. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you master the basics, feeling confident and ready to tackle the course.


2. Less frustration, more fun

Learning with an expert by your side means no more wondering what went wrong. Our instructors will always provide constructive feedback and personalised drills, targeting your specific areas for improvement.

This type of targeted approach keeps you motivated and engaged, which means less frustration and way more fun.


3. Get course-ready faster

Here at Lonsdale Links, we’re lucky enough to have a stunning 18-hole course, ranked 19th in Australia and 8th for Public Access. But as a beginner golfer, stepping out onto the tee box can be intimidating. When you invest in beginner golf lessons, our instructors will take you beyond the driving range, offering on-course lessons that simulate real-world scenarios. This is especially true for golfers who invest in our Starter Beginner Golf Membership. You’ll learn etiquette, club selection, and course strategy, gaining confidence to tackle the green with a smile.


4. Uncover your potential

Golf is more than just hitting a ball – it’s a mental game that demands focus, discipline, and perseverance. Our experienced PGA Pros offer guidance beyond your swing technique, helping you develop mental stamina to cope with the ups and downs of golf. You’ll quickly uncover newfound resilience and self-belief, not just on the course but in all aspects of life.


5. Meet like-minded people

Golf is more than a sport, it’s a community. At Lonsdale Links, our beginner lessons provide a welcoming environment to connect with fellow golfers. You’ll meet like-minded beginners in our Starter Membership or Women’s Learn To Play Golf Clinics. Our Pros will also introduce you to long-standing Members, expanding your circle of golfing mates.


Beginner Golf Lessons at Lonsdale Links

Ready to tee off and jump into the benefits of beginner golf lessons? With our expert guidance, top-ranked course, and supportive community, you’ll be hitting the greens with confidence and conquering the game one swing at a time.


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