Australia’s Top 100 Golf Courses in 2024 Have Been Revealed: Lonsdale Links Ranks 19th

Posted on: 28 December

At the end of 2023, Golf Australia dropped their latest picks for their Top 100 golf courses in Australia. In great news for Lonsdale Links fans, we cinched 19th spot. A change that has moved us up from our debut position of 20th place for 2022-2023.

This latest ranking joins our other accolades. We’ve ranked 8th best Public Access golf course in Australia and the 84th best golf course in Australasia.

Each accolade is a nod from industry experts to say our grand renovation plan was undoubtedly a success.



The architects behind our success

Our fast ascent to becoming one of Australia’s best golf courses is closely tied to OCM Golf.

The team at OCM are fans of trailblazer architects Charles Blair McDonald and colleagues Seth Raynor and Charles Bank. That’s why you’ll find several template holes here at Lonsdale Links that tie back to National Golf Links America, North Berwick, and The Old Course at St Andrews. Their goal; to make Lonsdale Links a nostalgic yet fun course to play, unique to any other course you could play in Australia.

Some comments from the Golf Australia Top 100 judges were –

“Such an interesting lesson in what is possible if a club fully commits to letting a world-class architecture firm do their thing. Once an unremarkable course, now maybe the most talked about layout on the Bellarine Peninsula.”

“Lonsdale has gone from just another (golf) course to a must-play destination with a unique DNA. The redesign has transformed it into something special.



Other Bellarine Golf Courses feature in the Top 100 golf courses in Australia

In even better news, our success here at Lonsdale Links is not an isolated feat. Our Bellarine neighbours also made the cut.

  • Barwon Heads Golf Club (20th)
  • 13th Beach, Beach Course (28th) and Creek Course (51st)
  • Curlewis Golf Club (48th)

These results prove that the Bellarine Peninsula is fast becoming a must-play golfing destination with several golf courses that have been described as some of the best in Australia.


Play a round of golf on our Top 100 Course

As we wrap up this post, we’re not just celebrating a number, we’re celebrating our members, community, transformation, and a shared love of the game.

Whether you’re searching for the Top 100 golf courses in Australia, the Top 100 public golf courses in Australia, or even the Top 100 courses in Australasia, we’re proud to say Lonsdale Links stands as a top pick.

Now all that’s left to ask is – ‘when’s your round?’.

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