7-Day Golf Membership

Get ready to make the greens your second home with a 7-day golf membership at Lonsdale Links.

“Until you join a golf club the benefits of a membership are not obvious and the compelling benefits of use are not easily measured. With the ease of access to the course and clubhouse comes a sense of ownership and the capacity to enjoy the facilities, participate competitively and importantly embrace the hospitality as a friendly environment to entertain your friends and family on course and off.” – 7-Day Member, Bruce A


7-Day Benefits

Having a golf membership is more than just playing a round on our Top 19-ranked course. You’ll also;

  • Improve your golf game: With unlimited play time, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice and improve your game. You might even manage that elusive hole-in-one. You’ll also have access to our dedicated PGA pros who can help you with your swing and strategy.
  • Make new friends: Golf is a great way to meet new people and make friends. You’ll have the opportunity to meet other members on the course, in the clubhouse, and at social events like our weekly Members Cash Draw.
  • Travel Australia and New Zealand: Access premier clubs around Australia and NZ as part of our Reciprocal Program.
  • Play with family: Unique to Lonsdale Links, save with a free Junior Membership to Member’s children under 18 years of age
  • Challenge your game: As a 7-day Member, you can join Gold Letter events and Pennant Golf

Other useful features include:

  • Full use of our Clubhouse facilities
  • Access to our driving range and practice greens
  • 7-Day Members receive a $10 voucher to redeem in Hospitality or the Golf Shop for every $100 spent on hospitality in the Clubhouse
  • Handicap and Golf Link Number
  • Voting Rights


Golf Membership Pricing

The cost of our 7-Day Golf Membership at Lonsdale Links is based on age categories which can be seen in the below table. Members have to choice to pay the annual subscription fee or opt for a monthly direct debit (fees apply and are included in the price below).

Membership Monthly Direct Debit Annual
7-Day $239 $2840
7-Day (Age 31-39) $135 $1600
7-Day (Age 25-30) $102 $1200
7-Day (Age 18-24) $68 $800



Apply to be a Lonsdale Links Member

Start playing more golf today, all you need to do is apply. Our friendly Membership Team will be in contact with you soon after applying.

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19th Ranking via Golf Australia Magazine Top 100 Golf Courses, 2024

Terms and Conditions

The membership term is 12 months from 1 October. Pro-rata options are available outside of this start date.

Membership Terms & Conditions