Managing your Golfing Expectations

Posted on: 10 October

With our 2023/24 Starter Program kicking off this month and a new cohort of Members joining the Club, we thought we’d offer some advice on managing your golfing expectations to get the most enjoyment out of your game.

Comparing yourself to others

How many shots during a round of golf do you think a PGA Tour player hits perfectly? Or if not perfectly, straight towards the target they were aiming for?

Before we get to that answer, I want you to take into consideration the endless number of hours they have put into their games throughout most of their lives, hitting tens of thousands of golf balls. On top of this, consider the number of coaching sessions they have received. Not only on their swings, but on their minds, body, and even daily lives. Also consider the equipment they are using is perfectly fitted to suit their individual swing and maximise their potential.

Have you come up with your answer?

A word of advice

Ben Hogan was an American golfer and widely regarded as one of the greatest ball strikers to ever play. Ben shared this quote with one of his dear friends:

“A good round of golf, is when you can hit three shots that turn out exactly how you envision them before you swing the club.”

Three shots! Let that just sink in for a second… Ben Hogan, one of the greatest golfers ever, was happy if he hit three shots per round that ended up exactly as he envisioned them!

Managing your golfing expectations

Many of you are at the beginning of your golfing journey and probably have some golfing expectations already. During our Starter program, there will be an abundance of information given to you in which a lot of it may not make sense at first. Golf is a very hard yet rewarding game. So, if you’re on the driving range, or on course, and wonder why you’re not hitting it “consistently”, its ok! No one is expecting you to hit it perfectly every time. But when you do hit those amazing shots that fly perfectly off the middle of the club, give yourself a pat on the back, bottle those feelings and remember, even Ben Hogan only did that a few times per round!

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