How do you measure a golf handicap?

Posted on: 1 July

New to golf and don’t really understand what a handicap is or why you need one? Don’t worry, we’re here to bring you up to speed!

A golf handicap is a golfer’s potential, or skill, put into a numerical measure. Simply put, it is a number that shows where on the scale of golfing skills you are. For example, a player that consistently shoots even par may have a handicap of 0 and a player who shoots around 90 may have a handicap of 18.

To receive a handicap, you will need to complete three rounds of 18 holes or six rounds of 9 holes. The scorecards must be signed by your playing partner then handed in to the Pro Shop. Once the respective number of cards have been completed, bring them all into the Pro Shop at once and we can organise with Golflink for your Handicap to be created.

For your own information, the maximum Handicap for Men is 45 and 54 for Women. Your Handicap will then be used when playing in competitions and scoring for the day will be based off this, as well as the event for the day eg. Stableford.

If you need help with getting your handicap, contact our friendly Golf Shop team.

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