Choosing the Right Golf Ball for Your Game

Posted on: 6 July

Want help choosing a golf ball that best suits your game? We’ve got some tips to help you find the perfect fit.


How to choose the right golf ball for your game

When choosing a golf ball, there are many important factors that should be considered. From deciding your level of play, how the golf ball feels or even its flight and trajectory. The following factors should all be considered when choosing a golf ball to suit your game.


1/ Choosing a ball that will match your level of play

It is important that the golf ball you are choosing to use matches your level of play. For instance, a player who is just starting out may lose on average a dozen golf balls per game. Therefore, buying a dozen “premium” golf balls may not be beneficial in regards to the wallet! A more experienced player may lose only one to two balls a game which may justify them using a more “premium” style golf ball.


2/ The feel of the golf ball

The feel of the golf ball is the sensation that it provides you with when you strike your shots. It is important to note though, this feel should not just be focused off the driver!

As most shots in golf are played around the green, you want to make sure you are using a ball that provides you with good feedback when you are playing these types of shots.


3/ The spin rate the ball produces

The spin rate produced off the golf ball will be important in optimising distance, as well as how quickly you can stop the ball on the green. This spin rate is based heavily on how fast you swing the golf club. For example, faster swing speed players can play with “harder” golf balls as they will be producing more spin on their shots.

Slow-swing speed players may need a “softer” feeling golf ball to provide them with that extra spin that will optimise distance and stopping power on the green.


4/ The Flight and Trajectory

The dimple patterns on golf balls are highly technical and advanced so much so that they can affect the trajectory or height a golf ball will fly. It is important to factor this in when you are choosing the correct golf ball. For example, players who tend to hit the ball low and can’t stop the ball quick enough on the greens, or who can’t carry the ball far enough, may need to opt for a higher-flying golf ball to help with this.

On the other hand, players who tend to hit the ball too high or struggle in windy conditions may need to opt for a lower-flying/trajectory golf ball to counteract with this.


Types of golf balls to suit your game

Now that you know how to choose a ball to suit your golf game, let’s look at the types of golf balls you can choose from.


Premium Golf Balls

Premium golf balls are made with higher quality materials and will be more consistent in their performance. They will also be more durable and have a better “feel” to them when they are struck. The premium golf balls we stock in the Golf Shop are:

  • Titleist PRO V1
  • Mizuno RB Tour
  • Srixon Z Star
  • Callaway Chrome Soft


Mid-Range Golf Balls

Midi-range golf balls will give you the best of both worlds without causing too much stress to your hip pocket! These golf balls will still provide you with a decent feel and performance but may be slightly less durable than the premium style golf balls. Mid Range golf balls we stock in the Golf Shop are:

  • Titleist Tour Speed
  • Titleist Tour Soft
  • Srixon Q Star
  • Callaway ERC Soft
  • Callaway Super Soft
  • Titleist Velocity


Budget-Friendly Golf Balls

Budget-friendly golf balls are generally either going to be a softer or harder feeling ball depending on your preference/needs. They may not have the same amount of stopping power on the greens as a premium golf ball but will still provide you with plenty of distance and feel around the greens. Budget-friendly balls we stock in the Golf Shop are:

  • Titleist TruFeel
  • Srixon Soft Feel
  • Callaway Hex Diablo


Best Suiting Women’s Golf Balls

As majority of women may have a slightly slower swing speed, it is important to use the correct golf ball that will optimise distance and spin around the greens. There are golf balls such as the Callaway REVA series which are designed specifically for women and provide them with optimal performance. The best suiting women’s golf balls that we stock in the shop are:

  • Titleist PRO V1
  • Mizuno RB Tour
  • Callaway Supersoft
  • Callaway REVA


Visit our Golf Shop To Find The Right Golf Ball For You

If all this information is sounding a little to confusing, then make sure to visit us in-store. Our friendly Golf Shop team can help you find the right golf ball for your game.

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