4 Game Changing Techniques To Conquer A Links Golf Course

Posted on: 3 November

Many people say that tackling a links golf course is a true test of any golfer’s ability. Even if a player knows the course well, it is notoriously unpredictable, so factors such as creativity, risk, and luck all come into play (just ask our Members).

To help overcome the challenge of links golf, we asked our PGA Professionals to share their game-changing techniques that can help improve scores when it comes to taking on our course, and other links courses; whether it’s in Melbourne, Sydney, on the Sunshine Coast or even overseas.


What is a links golf course?

Have you ever wondered why some golf courses are called a “links”?

A links course is the oldest style of golf course, first developed in Scotland. Links courses tend to be located on, or near, a coast.

The real difference between a links course and other golf courses is that a golfer is forced to play with the natural elements, since a links course maintains the original lay of the land. When playing links golf, you’ll also find a sandy base, shorter grass and plenty of natural obstacles in your way.

Additionally, being in a coastal position, wind plays a significant factor into how a golfer will play on a links course.



Techniques to improve your game for links golf 

1. Play it low

Put the ball back in your stance and keep your tempo smooth to control the spin on your shots. Playing low helps to keep the ball where you want it when your battling against wind.


2. Putt from off the green or chip and run for better control

Use the natural contours of the terrain to move the ball and keep it low. This type of shot requires a shorter swing and gives you better control than a longer swing with a more lofted club. ⁠


3. Choose the right ball

Depending on your swing speed there will be a ball that can suit your game. For example, out of Titleist’s premium ball line (Pro V1, Pro V1X and AVX) the Pro V1X will spin the most, the AVX is the lowest spinning and the Pro V1 will sit between the other two options. Talk to your local Golf Shop to find the best ball for you.


4. When it’s breezy, swing it easy

Trying to hit the ball too hard into the wind increases the spin rate of your golf ball and can cause the ball to spin up into the wind, this can cost you distance. Staying balanced and swinging smooth helps lower the spin of your ball into the wind and can help you keep the ballfight low.


Golf on the Bellarine Peninsula

So, if you’re looking to take on a golfing challenge, a links course is a great place to start. Being located on the Bellarine Peninsula, we are lucky to be surrounded by a number of premier links courses including 13th Beach Golf Links and Barwon Heads Golf Club (not to mention our own Top 20 rated course).

Next time you play, remember these tips and we guarantee you’ll have an improved score that your mates will be jealous of.


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